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Hypnosis is a natural state of mind. We daily enter this state quite naturally as we pass through the “twighlight zone” when going to sleep at night and when awakening again in the morning. It can be defined as an altered state of awareness, Day dreaming is another example of trance which we are all familiar with

Whether you are hypnotised by a therapist, or you do it yourself, the results are just the same. It is rather like being awake while sleeping in that the mind and body are very comfortable and relaxed and yet you are aware of everything around you. It gives you a feeling of complete security, well-being, contentment and relief from tension.

Stop Smoking
It is easy to stop smoking with hypnotherapy. You can enjoy the pleasures of being a non-smoker with just one session. Once you have stopped you will start to enjoy benefits such as better health, improved taste buds so you will be able to enjoy your food more without putting on any excess weight and without having to pay out for Cigarettes or Tobacco you also become financially wealthier.

Weight Management
Hypnotherapy is now becoming recognised as one of the best ways to aid weight management.
Whatever your problems with weight management you can gain the ability to change your eating habits permanently with hypnosis and by using your mind and body's natural resources you can start to eat in a way that really suits you.
Once you have empowered your mind you will start to realise your health is improving, when you have taken control of you eating the rewards will be evident in you increased energy, confidence and motivation.
When combined with suitable eating and exercise, hypnotherapy can give you the motivation to manage your weight and maintain your ideal body size permanently.

Relaxation is a fantastic way to recharge your ‘batteries’ and ‘reenergizes’ your self after a hard day.

Everyone has the right to relax, to feel good, and to be happy. We all have different stress factors in our lives but the use of hypnosis will reduce your stress levels to enable you to enjoy your life as it is supposed to be enjoyed.

Fears and Phobias
Fears and Phobias can easily be resolved with hypnosis, you will experience a big change in your out look, in a vast majority of cases fears and phobias will be eliminated and you will be able to get on and enjoy you life with little or no issues and problem relating to your past fears and phobias.

Self Confidence
We will teach you to have a vision. We will identify any restricting factors and help you to replace those with positive thoughts.
We will work with you to build your confidence and to gradually replace your old limiting beliefs, or habits, with new found confidence you will enjoy your work, social gatherings, education, and hobbies with no fear of feeling uncomfortable.













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