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Frequently Asked Questions

Are their any people that can’t be hypnotised?
Everybody that wants to be hypnotised, can be hypnotised (except people on drugs or drunk). All hypnosis is self hypnosis or self cooperation.

Am I asleep?
No every body experiences a hypnotic state just before they go to sleep, and just before you fully wake up. You are at all times aware of what is happening, and are aware of where you are.

Will I remember everything?

Yes just as clearly as if you weren’t hypnotised. You will just feel a pleasant relaxed feeling, if anything.

Will I experience any side effects?

No unless you include the pleasant relaxed feeling. That can last for a while after the session. You will be ok to drive or return to work.

Can I speak whilst hypnotised?
Yes you will find it much easier to talk about personal subjects because you are in a completely confidential environment and very relaxed.

Can I be forced to do anything against my will?

No you cannot. You may have seen a stage hypnotist make people do ridiculous things, remember that is all for show, both hypnotist and volunteer are satisfying their respective agendas. This is therapeutic hypnotism and you would never be asked to do anything you didn’t want to.

If your question or concern has not been answered, pleas give me a call and I will answer your question to the best of my ability. All calls are dealt with in the strictest of confidence. If I am busy with another client please leave your name, as many contact numbers as you have, a brief outline of your reason to call, and a preferred time for me to call you ( Morning, Afternoon, Evening ).






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